1- In the customer maintenance, create the storage monthly free.

In the costumer maintenance, in the entreposage tab, add a storage fee by square foot. In the following example, we will charge 1,00$ per square foot to the costumer.

2- Create the product in the product maintenance, specify that it uses floor space and specify the unit type created for the price in the costumers maintenance. You can also specify the default size in the product maintenance.

3- During the inventory entry, you must enter the received dimensions in inches.

4- During product reception, you can select the inventory per the entered dimension.

5- During monthly invoicing, the claculation for storage will be done according to the following formula:

(Floor space / 144) X rate entered in the costumer file (where the floor space is the total of space for each item, being the total of wight X lenght)

In our exemple, we have an iten of 12x12 (144 square inches) and an item of 10X15 (150 square inches) for a total of 294 sqare inches at a rate of 1.00$ per square feet.