Step 1 - Invoicing list (optional)

Go to: Modules --> Invoicing A/R and Analysis --> Programs --Invoice list

  1. Select the invoicing type. By default, all types are selected and this is the usual method.
  2. Select the dates for which you want to verify the invoicing. By default, there is not date in the Date section (which should always be the case) and the Date to section should contain the date of the day. Normally, the later should be edited for the end of the invoicing period.
  3. By default, no client number is given, which means that the list is for all clients. If you wish to verify one single client or some clients, indicate in the appropriate boxes.
  4. Indicate the invoicing code (invoicing sequence) for which you wish to see the list. If you wish the list for all clients, click on "Complete".
  5. Click on Ok to print the list. 

Note: If you fin errors on this list, you can edit the calls and then reprint the list.

Step 2 - Invoice generation process

Go to: Modules --> Invoicing A/R and Analysis --> Programs --> Invoice generation process

Note: The invoice generation process is made in two steps: invoice preparation and the A/R update. If a problem occurs during invoice preparation, you can click on the "Cancel process" option and restart.

  1. First select the option to prepare the invoices.
  2. Select the invoicing type. B default, the software will select only the standard invoicing. Select the invoicing by call option for customers with the one invoice per call option activated. Select the grouping customer invoicing option for customer with the option activated in the customer maintenance.


Note: For the next 2 selections, BE WARNED, the required dates aren't the same thing as the invoicing list.

3. Enter the ending date of the period for which you are invoicing your customers. For example, for october invoicing, you should enter 31-10-2017.

4. Enter the date of the invoice, This date must be later then the selection date.

5. By default, these boxes are blank to show that you want to invoice only one customer. Otherwise indicate the sequence of the customers to be invoiced.

6. Indicate invoice code (invoice sequence) for which you want the list. If you want the list for all clients, click on the "Complete" box.

7. Click on the check mark to start step 1 of the invoicing process.

Once this step is completed, you can see the amount of the invoice created.

To complete the invoicing process, the last step is to click on the A/R update and the check mark.

Once this last step is completed, the invoice will be created and available to print.

Step 3 - Invoices printing

Go to: Modules --> Invoicing Curation, A/R and analysis --Programs --Invoices printing

This step can be performed following the invoice generation process. You can print invoices for the last seven (7) years.

1. By default, the invoice printing is selected by user. If you wish to see the invoice created by other users, you can indicate or click on the X to see the invoice from other users.

There is three (3) methods to select the invoices: either by by manually selecting an invoice, select all the invoice from a customer or by selecting an invoicing date. This last method is the most commonly used to prevent invoice from being forgotten.

2. If you wish to print a precise sequence of invoice, mark that field.

3. If you wish to print all invoice of a client, mark it.

4. Click on the right button to select the desired invoicing date.

5. Select the desired sending mode (for printing).

If you select the option to send all invoice to the printer, all invoice (including those sent by email) will be printed according the selection.

If you select the option to treat the invoice sent by email, only customers with the option to send invoices by email will be selected. You can also edit the section on the right for the content of the message to be sent with the invoice.

If you select the option to treat the invoice to be sent by post, only the invoice with this option will be printed.

6. Select the type of invoice to send. By default, the software will select the standard invoicing. If you have created invoices by call or grouped invoice, you must also select these options to reproduce the invoice.

7. Printing options. You can select some options for the invoice printing. By default, the normal mode is selected.

8. Click on this button to produce invoices.