Once the services and zoning have been completed, you must create the various price grids according to the services created.

Refer to the table on this article to create price grids corresponding to the services.

Keep in minde the notes below when creating price grids.


    1. The price grid number can contain from 1 to 5 numerical characters.

    2. The price calculation always goes from smallest zone toward the greatest. You don't have to create prices for zones greater than the smaller ones.

    3. If you enter ZZZZZZ in the pickup and delivery zone, this means that the software won't take the zone into account, and the price will be the same for all zones.

    4. You can copy grids from one service to an other and then apply a price increase or deduction.

    5. Weight surcharges and waiting time grids are independent of the services. 

    6. For the LTL price grids, they take the best price for the client.

    7. You can also create, for the services by agents, the price grids to print gross margin reports.

Base price grid

Extra weight surcharge grid

Weight price grid

LTL grid

Waiting time grid

Price per box grid

Distrance grid

Quantity and weight price grid

Price per pack type grid