The maintenance control allows you to create companies in CourrierPRO. 

By default, company 1 is created. If you own more than one transport company, you must repeat each step for each company.

The maintenance control is composed of 8 tabs. The first 3 tabs are mandatory. The 5 last tabs must be completed if you have the Website option in CourrierPRO.

Table of content

Tab 1- General 

Tab 2- Details 

Tab 3 - Receivables, G/L and others 

Tab 4 - Internet

Tab 5 and 6 - Internet Message (french and english)

Tab 7 - Confirmation by email (optionnal)

Tab 8 - Booking

Succursale button 

Tab 1 - General

A. Identification and picture selection (mandatory except for picture)

This section contains the informations that will be printed on the documents (invoice, account status, delivery order).  

B. Registration numbers (mandatory)

This section contains the TPS and TVQ number for your company. For TVH, use the same number as for TPS.  

C. Measurement units

Enter the measure unit that will be used in CourrierPRO (must be the same for internet) to calculate cubing.

Enter the default cubing factor.

Enter the default weight for a delivery.

D. Restrain codes (mandatory)

Enter the description the general restrain codes for every sub-contractor. They will be shown in the sub-contractor maintenance explained later.

E. Business hours

The business hours allows to manage the delivery time for the services created. It also allows to manage the default business hours for the CourrierPRO website.

F. Bank deposit information (optional)

If you wish to use CourrierPRO to deposit checks for sub-contractors by automatic back deposit, you must complete this section with relevant information given by your bank.

G. Slip deposit information

In this field, enter the heading of the slip deposit that will be printed and used for the clients check you will receive.

H. Pack type (optionnal)

The first 4 types of packages are fixed and can't be edited. You can create 5 other types of packages that will be available for call creation.

Tab 2 - Detail

A. Options (chosen by Logimpact)

Do not change this section, it will be completed by Logimpact.

B. Default province (mandatory)

Enter the province of your company. This information is important for taxes calculation.

C. Invoicing code (at least 1 code is mandatory)

The invoicing code determine the frequency of your clients invoicing. You can have up to 9 different type of invoicing.

The minimum amount is the minimal amount (before taxes) to be billed to the client as per the billing code. The minumum charge is the minimal amount (before taxes) to be billed to the client if the billing total for the invoice code is not reached.

D. Waybill formula (forms)

This section will be completed by Logimpact.

E. Waybill number equal Call number

Check this box if the default waybill number must be equal to the call number. If the box is not checked, you will have to enter a waybill number when confirming your calls.  

F. Calls printing and registery

This section will be completed by Logimpact.

G. Rule for price modification

It is possible to edit the price of a call in CourrierPRO. This section defines the rules which will be used for the modification of a price.

First, it must be determined if the rule applies to only when the base amount is modified or during a price change of whatever amount in the call taking.

Next, it must be determined what sums will be modified or modifiable when the base amount is modified. If the box isn't checked, the automatic calculation of the price will be done immediately.

H. Amount where we do not want automatic calculation if modification

Check this box if you do not want to confirm a manual price.

I. Fuel charge - Amounts not to be included for calculation

Check the amount which must not be included for fuel charge calculation.

J. Do not ask question in call taking for pickup

Check this box if you do not wish for CourrierPRO to ask the pickup place during call taking. (Intern pickup or otherwise)

K. Don't change price on inversion

By default, the price is calculated by pickup location for specials. If you invert the pickup and delivery location, the special price will not be applied. If you wish for the special price to apply in case of inversion, you must check this box.

L. Print invoice on both sides

Check this box if you wish for the invoice to be printed on both sides. (Your printer must support that option)

M. Entering dangerous goods

Check this box if you wish to allow the entry of dangerous goods.

N. Maximum amount for declared value (optionnal)

If at 0, no maximum, otherwise enter the maximum amount of declared value.

O. First field of input adress

By default, the call taking program is positioned at the street number of the delivery. The options are: 

Tab 3 - Receivables, G/L & others

A. Next numbers maintenance

Entrer the next number for invoice, checks and slips you wish to use. The other numbers will be entered by Logimpact.

B. Fuel commission supplement (optional)

Enter a supplement in percentage for sub-contractors to compensate for fuel, with the possibility of an amount. The amount calculated won't affect the price billed at the clients.

C. Price and charges maintenance

Enter the annual percentage of interest for overdue accounts and accounts due on delivery with possibility of a minimum amount.

D. Aging

You can edit the shown column for the age of due accounts.

E. Invoicing process in progress

This box can be checked during invoicing process to prevent the users to continue call confirmation.

F. Logo and header printing

During invoice printing, the possible options are:

G. Number of copies

Shows the number of copies of invoices for printed invoice. If you write 1, this means the original plus one copy, so 2 copies.

H. Charges for invoice mailed to be added to invoice

Write the charges to add to invoices sent by post.

I. G/L update

Leave at No and will be managed by Logimpact if need be.

J. G/L period number

Writie 1.

K. G/L number

Do not write anything on startup. The numbers will be written after the creation of the G/L account in the account maintenance (later).

Tab 4 - Internet

A. General

Indicate if you are member of the ACMQ (a logo will appear on the internet page of the CourrierPRO website).

Check this box if you allow the internet user to enter an invalid address.

Check this box if you disallow to create a round trip on the internet. 

Check this box if you refuse calls if the price is 0 on the internet.

Indicate if you want a custom message for a call with a price of 0 and write de desired message.

Select the weight indicator for internet (LBS by default). It must be the same as tab 1.

B. Default value for internet users maintenance

Indicate the default value that will be checked at internet user creation.

C. Localization of personalized files of the web site

This section will be completed by Logimpact.

Tab 5 and 6 - Internet Message (french and english)

You can create a message that will be displayed on the web site when a user logs in. If you do not wish to display a message, click on the "Delete" button to cancel this message.

You can also create a costumed message when the CourrierPRO web site is inactive.

Tab 7 - Confirmation by email (optionnal)

You have the option to create a costumed message that will be added to the deliveries' confirmation email. If no message is entered, the default message of CourrierPRO will be used.

Tab 8 - Booking


The succursale maintenance button, allows you to create branches invoices. The difference between succursales and companies (multi-company maintenance) is that accounting (sales journals, commissions, etc) won't be counted separately for branches and you don't have to manage the data for the 2 companies.